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"Brings spirit to structure; wings to roots"

Mario Jahara

Why Jahara®?

Jahara® provides a high quality, professional treatment. Jahara® sessions are healthy and safe. The session’s effect goes way beyond the time we spend in the water: each brings a new sense of awareness, a sense of lightness and well-being, as well as inspiration to both the client and the therapist.  Jahara® treatments encourage both client and therapist to continue learning and growing in self-awareness.

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Jahara® is a therapeutic and educational modality with the intention to bring awareness to one’s health and well-being to people of all ages (with or without impairments): babies, children, young adults, adults, and elder adults. A trained Jahara® therapist offers sessions which take into account the present state and condition of the client. Jahara® can be self-practiced, and it is suitable for group activity as well.

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