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"Our ability to trust the water, become the water and trust the process, this is the falling into the unknown"

Mario Jahara


The Jahara® philosophy is strongly influenced by Zen and Tao. The Jahara® specialist embraces the whole human being and focuses on the individual’s needs for comfort and support. With presence, harmony and balance of movement, the therapist becomes like water: changing shape and form while remaining in a continuous flow. Becoming the water rather than using the water creates invisibility.

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Jahara® is a “technique with heart” - it is the human heart that gives meaning to the technique.  Jahara® is a peaceful and compassionate form of aquatic bodywork that creates expansion and a sense of well-being for the client, as well as freeing the Specialist’s intuition, effectiveness, creativity, and self-expression.  Technique with heart is about quality and depth, not quantity and complexity - less is more.

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Moving slowly in Jahara® promotes full presence, awareness of water time, and allows things to flow in their own rhythm. The Jahara® therapist’s intention is to do no harm.  No force. No agenda.  Ego dissolves.

In Jahara® there is an intention to create expansion for the whole body, (and beyond the physical body), leading to a sense of floating through space. 

Intention in Jahara® means continuously keeping in mind the kinesthetic feeling of expansion. Precise support with alignment and softening the peripheral muscles are conditions for expansion and are fundamental in Jahara®. This experience brings the client to feel the body as a whole. 

This sensation of timelessness and no boundaries invites the body to relax in the continuous flow and freedom of movement.  Trusting the water’s support allows the Jahara® therapist to offer sessions effortlessly - not using physical strength.  Water’s support and warmth provide a nurturing, soft, and stress free environment for deep relaxation. 

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