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"If I can keep the tonus in my posture and keep responsibility for my body, then my relationship to people is different."

Mario Jahara

Global Team

The Jahara® Global team (also named as the E-Board – Expertise-Based Development board) is a group of dedicated therapists and teachers whose mission is to guard the Jahara® vision and philosophy, develop and teach the method, and to manage the logistical matters. Members are invited by Mario Jahara himself. 


We believe in “group intelligence”. Our intention is to work together in order to manifest the Concepts which are the basis of what we share: the art of Jahara® and Jahara® is a precious gem. We all come from different backgrounds and offer our unique angle of vision, which enriches our global and shared vision. Mario Jahara invited each of us to join the team. Being part of this team is a voluntary choice. Our team is dynamic. Each person shares time and energy willingly because of truly believing in Jahara® as a way of life. The Global Team paradigm is one that cultivates communication and listening skills from non-ego and grace, as well as awareness that we learn a lot by being in the team. 


Our values based on the 5 Concepts of Jahara® and they are: 


Support - loyalty and commitment to principles

Adaptability - generosity and clarity 

Expansion - honesty and transparency

Effortlessness - emotional intelligence and passion

Invisibility - teamwork and egoless sense of collaboration

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Functions of the global team as defined by Mario Jahara: 


Defines philosophy, keeping Jahara® true to its original concepts.


Conceptual development

Introduce new fundamental ideas and methods to assist Jahara®’s evolution, broadening the Jahara® perspective as well as keeping it simple and clear. 



Helps to coordinate all activities Internationally 



Guard the Jahara® ethical aspects. Observing that anyone representing Jahara® relates to others in a respectful way.


Science and academia

Consulting in all academic and scientific projects.


Learning materials

We produce and translate the support material used in teaching Jahara®


Administration trust

Defines global guidelines for the administration of Jahara®, including financial and trademark matters. 


Technical development

Creates and adapts classes and sessions.  



Promotes Jahara®, making it known and available nationally and internationally.

To learn more about our team as well as Jahara® current courses, please visit our Calendar.

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