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"Every session is a question, an invitation. The answer is a gift"

Mario Jahara

The Jahara® International Organization offers professional training programs to become a Jahara® Specialist (JS) and Jahara® Advanced Specialist (JAS).

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Jahara® Specialist training path and requirements

To certify as a Jahara® Specialist, it is required to follow these classes, with at least two different certified and updated teachers:






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The order of the classes varies according to the country. Each of these courses includes Water and Land classes as well as Client-Therapist Relations, Ethics, Integrity, and Teamwork related education.


 To find a scheduled class, please visit the Calendar page or Contact us

Other requirements 

- Receive two sessions from a certified teacher or Advanced Jahara® Specialist. 

- Give , record and submit 10 sessions 

- TCS Evaluation

- Anatomy Class 

- First Aid Training (updated as per country requirements)

- Client-Therapist Relations, Ethics, Integrity, Teamwork 

- An additional minimum of 250 hours of complementary training

- Continuing education: attending a Jahara® class every three years as student, auditor or assistant  

- After completing a class, please log in to update your profile! 

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Jahara® Advanced Specialist (JAS) path

JAS is a recognition level given to dedicated Jahara® Specialists, who are updated and active within the Jahara® Organization and fulfil the following requirements: 


- Client-Supervisions

- Participating in at least 3 Jahara® Advanced Classes with at least two different teachers 

- An Approved Project

- Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge/skill in technique, philosophy, ethos, and other related subjects

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Here are Some of the Advanced classes offered by the Jahara® International Organization:


- Advanced Level Expansion

- Underwater

- Zen Shiatsu and Jahara®

- Diagnostics - Reading

- Hidden Gems

- Baby Jahara®

- Clinical Jahara®

- Confluence

- Invisibility (upon private invitation by Mario Jahara) 

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Becoming a teacher

Becoming a Jahara® Teacher

There are strict criteria to becoming a Jahara® Teacher and extensive training of many years is required. An Advanced Jahara® Specialist who has demonstrated consistent involvement and contribution for many years is welcome to write an e-mail to Mario Jahara asking to be accepted into the Teacher Training Program. Mario consults the E-Board and together they review if all the criteria are being met to make a decision on acceptance. Then the process begins.

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