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"Freedom with support"

Mario Jahara

Technical Aspects

Technically, the Jahara® Method draws a large part of its inspiration from the Alexander Technique. The technical foundation emphasizes development of kinesthetic awareness for correct posture and healthy body mechanics, all while using the “gentle power of water”.

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During a Jahara® session, micro-adjustments of the skeletal structure are performed to prevent compression, encourage conscious movement and dynamic structural alignment. The Jahara® therapist educates the client to adjust postural alignment through a variety of ActivExercises™: promoting awareness in performing daily activities.


 The uniqueness of the Aligned Floating™ movements is based on the precise support of the body’s structure and maintaining structural alignment to create expansion and promote an overall sense of relaxation. Aligned Floating™ is maintained by the Jahara® therapist moving in the direction the client’s head with a constant and slow speed.  Support of the client’s head is precise via a position called Triangular Cervical Support™ (TCS™).


A floater is placed under the knees, known as the Third Arm™ (“TA™”), which creates spaciousness for the vertebrae and pelvis. The Aligned Floating™ movements, with the warm water, gradually invite the client to a peaceful journey and an overall sense of well-being. 

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Jahara® Footwork

The Jahara® Footwork is a fundamental tool which allows the therapist to move in the water while developing a kinesthetic sense with effortlessness. It is also a way to practice present moment awareness.


The Jahara® Footwork produces a meditative effect for both, the client and the therapist.

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