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"Jahara® is a way to educate, promote health and long lasting well-being"

Mario Jahara

Health benefits

Jahara® is most suitable for a variety of activity limitations and impairments, including imbalance and asymmetric patterns, pain and fatigue, pathologic muscular tonus, muscle weakness, decreased range of motion, fixing and contractures, instability and coordination problems, etc.

Jahara® can have positive psychological influences on people experiencing anxiety, stress, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, fear, depression, and other characteristics that may lead to avoidance and isolation.


The Jahara® technique can be integrated into any rehabilitation process, and improve each of the above conditions and more.  


Similar to any aquatic therapy modality, there are some situations where the water environment may not be an appropriate course of treatment such as high fever, open wounds, uncontrolled seizure, respiratory issues etc.


To learn more about the application of Jahara® in different health conditions, please read the articles:


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