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"Being aligned in harmony"

Mario Jahara

Jahara® Aquatic Technique

Jahara® is an exceptional aquatic therapy grounded in healthy body mechanics and awareness - using the "gentle power of water". It consists of ActivExercises™, passive Aligned Floating™, and  continuous circular movements.

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Jahara®’s gradual, purposeful movements, together with the warm water, bring about relaxation and a feeling of well-being to the client.


Jahara® provides an overall sense of expansion. Aided by a flexible flotation device, called the Third Arm™, the Jahara® Specialist provides precise support to the body structure. This support, combined with gentle traction, elongates the spine and decompresses the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Jahara® is rooted in the understanding of two fundamental elements: the body structure and the unique physical properties of water.


This understanding is basic to healthier body mechanics. It means sound, safe treatments for clients, and is the key that enables the aquatic specialist to work regularly for many years feeling better and better in their own body.

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